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MDL-28436 webservice : fixed missing field in query

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1 parent 1e42eed commit 46d1d80388c300690eb95fdfa400b0a732a6bf8d @nebgor nebgor committed with stronk7 Oct 10, 2011
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2 lib/adminlib.php
@@ -7517,7 +7517,7 @@ public function output_html($data, $query='') {
//TODO: in order to let the administrator delete obsolete token, split this request in multiple request or use LEFT JOIN
//here retrieve token list (including linked users firstname/lastname and linked services name)
- $sql = "SELECT, t.token, AS userid, u.firstname, u.lastname,, t.validuntil, AS serviceid
+ $sql = "SELECT, t.token, AS userid, u.firstname, u.lastname,, t.iprestriction, t.validuntil, AS serviceid
FROM {external_tokens} t, {user} u, {external_services} s
WHERE t.creatorid=? AND t.tokentype = ? AND = t.externalserviceid AND t.userid =";
$tokens = $DB->get_records_sql($sql, array($USER->id, EXTERNAL_TOKEN_PERMANENT));

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