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MDL-30471 Fix for nesting unordered list inside ordered list

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lazydaisy committed Nov 27, 2011
1 parent 1de9151 commit 486a9ad89fbb8cd821cb00395b61518cd385deb4
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@@ -821,10 +821,10 @@ sup {vertical-align: super;}
.path-rating .ratingtable td.time {white-space:nowrap; text-align:center;}
/* Fix for ordered and unordered list in course topic summary & course weekly summary */
-ul li,
.course-content ul.weeks .content .summary ul li,
.course-content ul.topics .content .summary ul li {list-style: disc outside none;}
-ol li,
.course-content ul.weeks .content .summary ol li,
.course-content ul.topics .content .summary ol li {list-style: decimal outside none;}

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