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MDL-40080 Remove unused strings from the core_hub subsystem

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1 parent e473733 commit 48919dba12cbddb0dc59e5a18096db29822cde24 @mudrd8mz mudrd8mz committed with danpoltawski Jun 6, 2013
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@@ -152,7 +152,6 @@
$string['publishername'] = 'Publisher';
$string['publishername_help'] = 'The publisher is the person or organisation that is the official publisher of the course. Unless you are publishing it on behalf of someone else, it will usually be you.';
$string['publishon'] = 'Publish on';
-$string['publishonmoodleorg'] = 'Publish on MOOCH';
$string['publishonspecifichub'] = 'Publish on another Hub';
$string['questionsnumber'] = 'Number of questions ({$a})';
$string['registeredcourses'] = 'Registered courses';
@@ -190,7 +189,6 @@
$string['shared'] = 'Shared';
$string['shareon'] = 'Upload this course to {$a}';
$string['shareonhub'] = 'Upload this course to a hub';
-$string['shareonmoodleorg'] = 'Upload this course to MOOCH';
$string['sharepublication_help'] = 'Uploading this course to a community hub server will enable people to download it and install it on their own Moodle sites.';
$string['siteadmin'] = 'Administrator';
$string['siteadmin_help'] = 'The full name of the site administrator.';

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