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+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Help on writing text</B></P>
+Writing text in Moodle works pretty much the way you would expect, but you also have the ability to include "smilies" and "URL addresses" in your text.
+<P><B>Smilies (emoticons)</B></P>
+<TR><TH>Name <TH>Picture <TH>You type</TR>
+<TR><TD>smile <TD ALIGN=CENTER><img ALT=smile SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/pix/s/smiley.gif"><TD ALIGN=CENTER> :-) </TD></TR>
+<TR><TD>sad <TD ALIGN=CENTER><img ALT=sad SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/pix/s/sad.gif"><TD ALIGN=CENTER> :-( </TD></TR>
+<TR><TD>grin <TD ALIGN=CENTER><img ALT=grin SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/pix/s/biggrin.gif"><TD ALIGN=CENTER> :-D </TD></TR>
+<TR><TD>wink <TD ALIGN=CENTER><img ALT=wink SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/pix/s/wink.gif"><TD ALIGN=CENTER> ;-) </TD></TR>
+<TR><TD>mixed <TD ALIGN=CENTER><img ALT=mixed SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/pix/s/mixed.gif"><TD ALIGN=CENTER> :-/ </TD></TR>
+<TR><TD>wide-eyed <TD ALIGN=CENTER><img ALT=wide-eyed SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/pix/s/wideeyes.gif"><TD ALIGN=CENTER> 8-) </TD></TR>
+<TR><TD>tongue-out <TD ALIGN=CENTER><img ALT=tongue-out SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/pix/s/tongueout.gif"><TD ALIGN=CENTER> :-P </TD></TR>
+<TR><TD>surprise <TD ALIGN=CENTER><img ALT=surprised SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/pix/s/surprise.gif"><TD ALIGN=CENTER> :-o </TD></TR>
+<TR><TD>cool <TD ALIGN=CENTER><img ALT=cool SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/pix/s/cool.gif"><TD ALIGN=CENTER> B-) </TD></TR>
+<P>Any "word" starting with <B>www.</B> or <B>http://</B> will automatically be turned into a clickable link.
+<P>For example: <A HREF=""></A> or <A HREF=""></A>

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