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modified instructions for uploading to "lang" directory, to reflect t…

…he fact that the default Moodle 1.6 location for the "lang" directory is now within $CFG->dataroot
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@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ This is v2.1.15 of the HotPot module
(see for details)
This software is provided "AS IS" without a warranty of any kind.
Sponsors who have generously contributed to the development of this software:
- Agencia de Gestio d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR),
Autonomous Government of Catalonia, Spain
into "lang/en/help/hotpot/" on your Moodle site
On Moodle 1.6 and later:
- (a) download
+ (a) locate the "lang" folder on your Moodle site.
+ Note: the default location for the "lang" folder is in the "$CFG->dataroot" directory defined in the config.php file for your Moodle site
+ (b) download
to "lang/en_utf8/hotpot.php" on your Moodle site
- (b) download the files in
+ (c) download the files in
into "lang/en_utf8/help/hotpot/" on your Moodle site
3. copy and set up the file icons

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