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MDL-41497 auth_db: Added help text for using odbc dsn names instead

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1 parent c959f27 commit 4a3728ee50e4162c53f32b52f1b656b0306de5bc @willylee willylee committed Aug 30, 2013
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  1. +2 −2 auth/db/lang/en/auth_db.php
4 auth/db/lang/en/auth_db.php
@@ -36,13 +36,13 @@
$string['auth_dbfieldpass_key'] = 'Password field';
$string['auth_dbfielduser'] = 'Name of the field containing usernames';
$string['auth_dbfielduser_key'] = 'Username field';
-$string['auth_dbhost'] = 'The computer hosting the database server.';
+$string['auth_dbhost'] = 'The computer hosting the database server. Use a sysem DSN entry if using ODBC.';
$string['auth_dbhost_key'] = 'Host';
$string['auth_dbchangepasswordurl_key'] = 'Password-change URL';
$string['auth_dbinsertuser'] = 'Inserted user {$a->name} id {$a->id}';
$string['auth_dbinsertuserduplicate'] = 'Error inserting user {$a->username} - user with this username was already created through \'{$a->auth}\' plugin.';
$string['auth_dbinsertusererror'] = 'Error inserting user {$a}';
-$string['auth_dbname'] = 'Name of the database itself';
+$string['auth_dbname'] = 'Name of the database itself. Leave empty if using an ODBC DSN.';
$string['auth_dbname_key'] = 'DB name';
$string['auth_dbpass'] = 'Password matching the above username';
$string['auth_dbpass_key'] = 'Password';

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