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<P>If you put something here, then students who are trying
to get in for the FIRST TIME ONLY will be asked to supply
- this word or phrase. (If you have also turned on
- guest access then guests will be challenged for the
- key EVERY TIME they log in).
+ this word or phrase. The guest account can also get in
+ to the course using the enrolment key - but it will be asked
+ for the key EVERY TIME a guest logs in the course. (This occurs
+ even if you have specified 'no guests are allowed')
<P>The idea is that you will supply the key to authorised
people using another means like private email, snail mail,
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
look around at your work, or to let students see a course before
they have decided to enrol.
-<P>If you also set an enrolment key (usually a good idea),
- then the guest user will be challenged to provide the
- enrolment key EVERY TIME they log in to the course.
+<P>If you have Guest access turned off, but have an enrolment key
+ defined, then guests can still get in provided they can provide
+ the right enrolment key.

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