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MDL-32479 - RTL Theme fixes for Moodle 2 (theme/base)

Right align content (when viewing a Lesson activity in RTL mode)
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nadavkav authored and nebgor committed Apr 17, 2012
1 parent d180d19 commit 4d488c25b6abb916668f0bdddddb12413a7e00ec
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  1. +5 −0 mod/lesson/styles.css
@@ -31,3 +31,8 @@
#page-mod-lesson-view .password-form .submitbutton {display: inline;}
.path-mod-lesson .reviewessay {width:40%; border:1px solid #DDDDDD; background-color: #EEEEEE;}
+.path-mod-lesson.dir-rtl .contents,
+.path-mod-lesson.dir-rtl .standardtable,
+.path-mod-lesson.dir-rtl .mform .box.contents,
+.path-mod-lesson.dir-rtl .invisiblefieldset.fieldsetfix tr {text-align: right;}

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