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+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Uploading a picture</B></P>
+<P>You can upload a picture from your computer to this server, and this picture will be used in various places to represent you.
+<P>For this reason, the best images to use are a close-up of your face, but you can use any image you like.
+<P>The picture must be in JPG or PNG format (ie the names will usually end in .jpg or .png).
+<P>You can get a picture file using one of four methods:
+<LI>Using a digital camera, your photos will most likely already be on your computer in the right format.
+<LI>You can use a scanner to scan a printed photograph. Make sure you save it as JPG or PNG format.
+<LI>If you're artistic, you might draw a picture using a paint program.
+<LI>Lastly, you can "steal" images from the web. <A TARGET=google HREF=""></A> is a superb place to search for images. Once you find one, you can "right-click" on them with the mouse and choose "Save this image..." from the menu (different computers may vary slightly).
+<P>To upload the image, click the "Browse" button on this editing page, and select the image from your hard disk.
+<P>Then click "Update my Profile" at the bottom - the image file will be cropped to a square and resized down to 100x100 pixels.
+<P>When you are taken back to your profile page, the image might not appear to have changed. If this is so, just use the "Reload" button in your browser.

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