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MDL-30542 web service : clarified string

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1 parent 552390c commit 4e7d5f759098dab455297ff5e6b1d583c69b7b49 @nebgor nebgor committed Dec 9, 2011
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@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@
$string['service'] = 'Service';
$string['servicehelpexplanation'] = 'A service is a set of functions. A service can be accessed by all users or just specified users.';
$string['servicename'] = 'Service name';
-$string['servicenotavailable'] = 'Web service is not available (it is not existing or might be set to disable)';
+$string['servicenotavailable'] = 'Web service is not available (it doesn\'t exist or might be disabled)';
$string['servicesbuiltin'] = 'Built-in services';
$string['servicescustom'] = 'Custom services';
$string['serviceusers'] = 'Authorised users';

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