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I have a deeply-held belief in the importance of unrestricted education and
empowered teaching, and Moodle is the main way I can contribute to the realisation
of these ideals.
<P>As Moodle gains in maturity, I hope its directions are influenced by the community
of developers and users. A dynamic database of proposed features and their status
can be found at <A TARGET=_top HREF=""></A>.
Your <a href="developer.html">contributions</a> in the form of ideas, code,
feedback and promotion are all very welcome.
-<P>Now that 1.0 has been released, most of my efforts will concentrate on the
+<P>Now that 1.0.1 has been released, most of my efforts will concentrate on the
macro level (supporting larger classes and integrating into larger institutions)
and the micro level (improving support for decisions and processes, for both
teachers and learners).
+<P>The next 6 months or so I will have to slow down my own development a little
+ (because I have a PhD thesis to finish). During this time there'll be a number
+ of small upgrades 1.0.2, 1.0.3 etc that I expect will contain minor new features
+ and polishing. I'll also be working with people adding new plugins (support for
+ more databases, new modules and new themes).
+<P>Sometime in the first half of 2003 you can expect a major release (1.1, maybe 1.5) that has
+ new features like:
+ <UL>
+ <LI>Full user account management (eg connection to external databases, import/export etc)
+ <LI>Full grade management
+ <LI>Ability to define groups and group work
+ <LI>Automatic linking in texts to uploaded readings (like Wiki)
+ <LI>Online support for teachers to design and maintain classes
+ <LI>Online support for students in collaboration processes
+ </UL>
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