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Merging from STABLE:

Better retrieval of table sortorder when not done directly through
the table class, see SC#187.
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commit 4fdabdc36fde6b9dec154e4516744a16755d3110 1 parent e60b454
defacer authored
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 mod/assignment/lib.php
6 mod/assignment/lib.php
@@ -628,9 +628,9 @@ function display_submission() {
global $CFG;
- $userid = required_param('userid');
- $offset = required_param('offset');//offset for where to start looking for student.
- $sort = required_param('tsort');//getting the sorting order
+ $userid = required_param('userid', PARAM_INT);
+ $offset = required_param('offset', PARAM_INT);//offset for where to start looking for student.
+ $sort = required_param('tsort', PARAM_ALPHA);//getting the sorting order
if (!$user = get_record('user', 'id', $userid)) {
error('No such user!');
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