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Email subject for pending orders expiring.

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1 parent a033329 commit 50172716a3d655782ef4da9cfc556f58b4fe2442 ethem committed Jun 14, 2006
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2 lang/en_utf8/enrol_authorize.php
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@
To enable scheduled-capture (for admins only), it means you will not receive any warning emails anymore, go to:
-$string['pendingorderssubject'] = 'WARNING: $a->pending order(s) will expire within $a->days day(s).'
+$string['pendingorderssubject'] = 'WARNING: $a->pending order(s) will expire within $a->days day(s).';
$string['reason11'] = 'A duplicate transaction has been submitted.';
$string['reason13'] = 'The merchant Login ID is invalid or the account is inactive.';
$string['reason16'] = 'The transaction was not found.';

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