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MDL-12006, commenting out a line that doesn't seem to do anything

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toyomoyo committed Nov 5, 2007
1 parent eeb28d3 commit 50b474966c730e4e4f67f2e58afab5f5dd7e0ac5
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@@ -792,7 +792,7 @@ function grade_set_uncategorized() {
// get instance name from db.
$instance = get_record($mod->modname, 'id', $mod->instance);
// see if the item is already in the category table and if it is call category select with the id so it is selected
get_record('modules', 'name', $mod->modname);
// get_record('modules', 'name', $mod->modname);
$item = get_record('grade_item', 'courseid', $course->id, 'modid', $mod->module, 'cminstance', $mod->instance);
if (!$item) {
// set the item to uncategorized in grade_item

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