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Release notes for 1.4.4

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<h1>Latest Release notes</h1>
<h3>Moodle 1.4.4 (7th March, 2005)</h3>
<p>(Because this release contains important security fixes, we highly advise that sites using any
previous version of Moodle upgrade to this version as soon as possible.)</p>
<dt>Some important security fixes</dt>
<li>Added strong URL validation functions.</li>
<li>Preventative measures against tampering of config settings.</li>
<li>Tighter input validation in Quiz, HTML editor and course edit.</li>
<li>More control over user's language settings.</li>
<li>Safer cleaning of HTML-formatted input.</li>
<dt>A few new things</dt>
<li>New MP3 content filter with Flash-based mp3 player.</li>
<li>Better display of options in the Choice module.</li>
<li>UI enhancements in HTML Editor's table editor.</li>
<li>$CFG settings in config.php now override database settings.</li>
<li>Enabled garbage collection for Debian systems, with the option to disable it. Fixes stale session problems.</li>
<dt>Performance improvements</dt>
<li>Serious performance optimizations in forums code.</li>
<li>Various optimizations by removing unnecessary database retrievals and sorting.</li>
<li>Major improvements in handling session locking. Downloading large files or monitoring the live logs will no longer slow down navigation in other windows.</li>
<dt>Other bug fixes</dt>
<li>Installer: Many fixes and updates from HEAD (including #2625) .</li>
<li>Installer: We now check for allow_url_fopen() before trying to validate our own URL.</li>
<li>Fixed some forum search problems.</li>
<li>Fixed sorting bug on forums (#2613).</li>
<li>Fixed problems in user searches with trailing spaces.</li>
<li>Fixed some instances of hardcoded /admin path.</li>
<li>Fixed some groups-related bugs (#2133, #2550, #2363)</li>
<li>Don't send HTML digests to people who want plain text email.</li>
<li>SCORM module &mdash; fixed navbar error.</li>
<li>Chat: Increased maximum socket read size to prevent empty pages and repeated messages</li>
<li>Files: added a &quot;Parent Folder&quot; icon, (#2491).</li>
<li>Postgres support: consistency fix in mdl_log table.</li>
<li>Auth plugins: Better cleanup and truncation of data.</li>
<li>Auth plugins: Fixed external authentication problem &mdash; if logged in as guest, logging in as external auth user fails if it is the first login ever for the account. </li>
<li>Auth LDAP: Fixed a regression from 1.4.2 where a trailing semicolon in some config fields would break authentication.</li>
<li>Auth DB: Database Authentication not fetching user data fields correctly (#2319).</li>
<li>Paypal Enrolment plugin: Now text sent to PayPal can
be 'sanitised' to avoid some diacritics (Spanish for now) which break the
enrol process. Only German and French diacritics are supported for
now by PayPal. This functionality can be easily expanded to other
characters. </li>
<li>Backup/restore: If the user isn't admin and the restored course hasn't teachers, add teacher (#2381)</li>
<li>Backup/restore: Fixed errors with courses with apostrophes in the fullname.</li>
<li>Backup/restore: Now group members are
only included (backup and restore) if we have selected to have
users (#2486).</li>
<li>Backup/Restore: General tidyup.</li>
<li>Glossary: Now 0 rates are supported in glossary (#2582) and better PHP5 support (#2581).</li>
<li>Glossary & Blackboard: import fixes (#2310).</li>
<li>Calendar: more robust handling of bad data.</li>
<li>Calendar: HTML fixes in calendar (#2350).</li>
<li>Course sortorder was broken in 1.4.3 and would sometimes prevent course creation &mdash; all the known problems with sortorder are now fixed. Includes some related fixes in get_categories() calls that would sometimes show up in &quot;My Courses&quot; listings.</li>
<li>Wiki: Several fixes.</li>
<li>Loglive now has an appropriate page footer.</li>
<li>Plus general cleanup and tidyups of the code.</li>
<h3>Moodle 1.4.3 (21st December, 2004)</h3>
<p>(Because this release contains important security fixes, we highly advise that sites using any

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