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MDL-21695 adding help strings

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wildgirl committed May 12, 2010
1 parent 2cab730 commit 5535474a0f197d949576e70ba73c53f494fec35e
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@@ -958,6 +958,7 @@
$string['uploadpicture_invalidfilename'] = 'Picture file {$a} has invalid characters in its name. Skipping.';
$string['uploadpicture_overwrite'] = 'Overwrite existing user pictures?';
$string['uploadpictures'] = 'Upload user pictures';
$string['uploadpictures_help'] = 'User pictures can be uploaded as a zip file of image files. The image files should be named chosen-user-attribute.extension, for example user1234.jpg for a user with username user1234.';
$string['uploadpicture_userfield'] = 'User attribute to use to match pictures:';
$string['uploadpicture_usernotfound'] = 'User with a \'{$a->userfield}\' value of \'{$a->uservalue}\' does not exist. Skipping.';
$string['uploadpicture_userskipped'] = 'Skipping user {$a} (already has a picture).';

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