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lang/en_utf8/mnet: Language pack updates

Author: Donal McMullan <>
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1 parent e2d4f75 commit 56f8ff513eb63724f757821f686c677d34c066b5 martinlanghoff committed Jan 4, 2007
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19 lang/en_utf8/mnet.php
@@ -22,6 +22,22 @@
'Obviously the last example is not a recommended configuration.';
+$string['currentkey'] = 'Current Public Key';
+$string['keymismatch'] = 'The public key you are holding for this host is different from the public key it is currently publishing.';
+$string['invalidurl'] = 'Invalid URL parameter.';
+$string['expireyourkey'] = 'Delete This Key';
+$string['deletekeycheck'] = 'Are you absolutely sure you want to delete this key?';
+$string['expireyourkeyexplain'] = 'Moodle automatically rotates your keys every 28 days (by default) but you have the option to '.
+ '<em>manually</em> expire this key at any time. This will only be useful if you believe this '.
+ 'key has been compromised. A replacement will be immediately automatically generated.<br>'.
+ 'Deleting this key will make it impossible for other Moodles to communicate with you, until you '.
+ 'manually contact each administrator and provide them with your new key.';
+$string['deleteoutoftime'] = 'Your 60-second window for deleting this key has expired. Please start again.';
+$string['deletewrongkeyvalue'] = 'An error has occurred. If you were not trying to delete your server\'s SSL key, it is possible '.
+ 'you have been the subject of a malicious attack. No action has been taken.';
+$string['keydeleted'] = 'Your key has been successfully deleted and replaced.';
$string['is_in_range'] = 'The IP address &nbsp;<code>$a</code>&nbsp; represents a valid trusted host.';
$string['validated_by'] = 'It is validated by the network: &nbsp;<code>$a</code>';
$string['not_in_range'] = 'The IP address &nbsp;<code>$a</code>&nbsp; does not represent a valid trusted host.';
@@ -95,7 +111,8 @@
$string['moodle_home_help'] = 'The path to the homepage of Moodle on the remote host, e.g. /moodle/.';
$string['hostnamehelp'] = 'The fully-qualified domain name of the remote host, e.g.';
$string['idhelp'] = 'This value is automatically assigned and cannot be changed';
-$string['invalidpubkey'] = 'There was a problem retrieving the public key. Maybe the host does not allow Moodle Networking or the key is invalid.';
+$string['invalidpubkey'] = 'The key is not a valid SSL key.';
+$string['nopubkey'] = 'There was a problem retrieving the public key.<br>Maybe the host does not allow Moodle Networking or the key is invalid.';
$string['last_connect_time_help'] = 'The time that you last connected to this host.';
$string['last_transport_help'] = 'The transport that you used for the last connection to this host.';
$string['transport_help'] = 'These options are reciprocal, so you can only force a remote host to use a signed SSL cert if your server also has a signed SSL cert.';

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