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Help file for exporting quiz categories.

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+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Exporting questions from a Category</B></P>
+<P>This function allows you to export a complete category of questions to
+ a text file.
+<p>Please note that in many file formats some information is lost
+ when the questions are exported. This is because many formats are
+ not possess all the features that exist in Moodle questions. You should
+ not expect to export and import questions and for them to be
+ identical. You are advised to check exported data before using
+ it in a production environment.</p>
+<P>The format(s) currently supported are:</p>
+<P><B>GIFT format</B></P>
+<p>GIFT is the most comprehensive import format available for importing
+ Moodle quiz questions from a text file. It was designed to be an easy
+ method for teachers writing questions as a text file. It supports Multiple-Choice,
+ True-False, Short Answer, Matching and Numerical questions, as well as insertion
+ of a _____ for the "missing word" format. Various question-types can be
+ mixed in a single text file, and the format also supports line comments, question names,
+ feedback and percentage-weight grades. Below are some examples:</p>
+Who's buried in Grant's tomb?{~Grant ~Jefferson =no one}
+Grant is {~buried =entombed ~living} in Grant's tomb.
+Grant is buried in Grant's tomb.{FALSE}
+Who's buried in Grant's tomb?{=no one =nobody}
+When was Ulysses S. Grant born?{#1822}
+<p align=right><a href="help.php?file=formatgift.html&module=quiz">More info about the "GIFT" format</a></p>
+<P>More formats are yet to come, including WebCT, IMS QTI and whatever else
+ Moodle users can contribute! </p>

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