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@@ -106,76 +106,100 @@
- <li>Clean up of the whole admin menu organisation to make it clearer</li>
- <li>Categories can be nested and sorted alphabetically or manually</li>
- <li>Courses and whole categories can be hidden from students</li>
- <li>Course descriptions and names can be searched for keywords</li>
- <li>Large categories are now completely paged</li>
- <li>Improved web caching for stylesheets and images</li>
- <li>&quot;My courses&quot; display on the home page when logged in.</li>
- <li>Inclusion of non-linked page to display ALL user pictures at once
- (see /userpix)</li>
- <li>The &quot;secureforms&quot; feature now defaults to OFF.</li>
- <li>Moodle now doesn't care if &quot;magic quotes&quot; is on or off.</li>
- <li>Images in /pix were rearranged and tidied up</li>
- <li>HTML email is better formatted for wider compatibility</li>
- <li>Mail bounces are now sent to the admin user</li>
- <li>Better cron tasks (less CPU used) and duplicate enrolments are now
- cleaned</li>
- <li>Improved display of logs with infinite paging and increased flexibility</li>
- <li>User log graphs now work at site-level (showing ALL logs on the site)</li>
- <li>People with manual accounts can now recover their password</li>
- <li>Improved system for defining/printing help files for major activity
- modules</li>
- <li>Activity modules can now have settings</li>
- <li>Email addresses are all completely obfuscated (to fool web spiders)</li>
- <li>There is now an index to the help files</li>
- <li>Library (Mark Kimes' add-on) is now supported if it is installed (see Moodle contrib for Library source)</li>
+ <li>R&eacute;-organisation de menu d'administration pour le rendre plus clair</li>
+ <li>Les disciplines de cours peuvent &ecirc;tre embo&icirc;t&eacute;es et
+ tri&eacute;es alphab&eacute;tiquement ou manuellement</li>
+ <li>Les cours et les disciplines de cours peuvent &ecirc;tre cach&eacute;es pour les
+ &eacute;tudiants</li>
+ <li>Les descriptions et noms des cours peuvent &ecirc;tre trouv&eacute;es lors de
+ recherches par mots-clef</li>
+ <li>Les disciplines avec de nombreux cours sont compl&egrave;tement pagin&eacute;es</li>
+ <li>Ant&eacute;m&eacute;moire web des feuilles de styles et des images
+ am&eacute;lior&eacute;e</li>
+ <li>Une fois connect&eacute;, &laquo;&nbsp;Mes cours&nbsp;&raquo; est affich&eacute; sur la
+ page d'accueil.</li>
+ <li>Ajout d'une page non li&eacute;e pour afficher TOUTES les images des
+ utilisateurs d'un coup (voir /userpix)</li>
+ <li>Le r&eacute;glage &laquo;&nbsp;secureforms&nbsp;&raquo; est d&eacute;sactiv&eacute; par
+ d&eacute;faut</li>
+ <li>Moodle fonctionne maintenant que &laquo;&nbsp;magic quotes&nbsp;&raquo; soit activ&eacute;
+ ou non</li>
+ <li>Les images dans /pix ont &eacute;t&eacute; r&eacute;organis&eacute;es</li>
+ <li>Les courriels en format HTML sont mieux format&eacute;s pour une meilleure
+ compatibilit&eacute;</li>
+ <li>Les courriels non remis et retourn&eacute;s sont maintenant envoy&eacute;s
+ &agrave; l'administrateur</li>
+ <li>Les t&acirc;ches cron demandent moins de temps CPU et les inscriptions
+ &agrave; doubles sont aussi nettoy&eacute;es</li>
+ <li>Am&eacute;lioration de l'affichage des journaux d'activit&eacute; avec une
+ infinit&eacute; de pages et une souplesse accrue</li>
+ <li>Les journaux d'activit&eacute; des utilisateurs fonctionnent au niveau du site
+ (affichant TOUT les journaux d'activit&eacute; du site)</li>
+ <li>Les utilisateurs ayant un compte manuel peuvent r&eacute;cup&eacute;rer leur mot
+ de passe</li>
+ <li>Meilleur syst&egrave;me pour d&eacute;finir et imprimer les fichiers d'aides des
+ modules d'activit&eacute; principaux</li>
+ <li>Les modules d'activit&eacute; ont maintenant des r&eacute;glages</li>
+ <li>Les adresses de courriel sont maintenant compl&egrave;tement masqu&eacute;es
+ (pour tromper les robots aspirateurs)</li>
+ <li>Il y a maintenant un index des fichiers d'aide</li>
+ <li>Le module suppl&eacute;mentaire Library (de Mark Kimes') est maintenant
+ support&eacute; s'il est install&eacute; (voir les contributions &agrave; Moodle
+ pour le code source de Library)</li>
- <dt>Courses</dt>
+ <dt>Cours</dt>
- <li>Teachers can now have their course editing privileges removed</li>
- <li>Teachers can now manually enrol students if they want to</li>
- <li>Teacher management is now all combined in one interface</li>
- <li>Activities can be moved any distance with two clicks</li>
- <li>Topics/weeks can now be moved up and down</li>
- <li>Pop-up menu to quickly switch between topics/weeks when collapsed</li>
- <li>When self-enrolling, students are notified and given a chance to cancel</li>
- <li>Teachers and students see list of &quot;My Courses&quot; on course
- home pages.</li>
- <li>Grades can be hidden from students if not needed</li>
+ <li>On peut maintenant supprimer aux enseignants les privil&egrave;ges de modification
+ de leurs cours</li>
+ <li>Les enseignants peuvent maintenant inscrire manuellement leurs &eacute;tudiants
+ au besoin</li>
+ <li>La gestion des enseignants est maintenant regroup&eacute;e en une interface</li>
+ <li>Les activit&eacute;s peuvent &ecirc;tre d&eacute;plac&eacute;es n'importe
+ o&ugrave; en deux clics</li>
+ <li>Les th&egrave;mes et semaines peuvent &ecirc;tre d&eacute;plac&eacute;es
+ vers le haut ou le bas</li>
+ <li>Un menu d&eacute;roulant permet de changer rapidement de th&egrave;me et de semaine</li>
+ <li>Lorsque les &eacute;tudiants s'inscrivent, ils re&ccedil;oivent une notification
+ et peuvent annuler leur inscription</li>
+ <li>Les enseignants et &eacute;tudiants voient &laquo;&nbsp;Mes cours&nbsp;&raquo; sur
+ les pages d'accueil des cours</li>
+ <li>Si elles ne sont pas utilis&eacute;es, les notes peuvent &ecirc;tre compl&egrave;tement
+ cach&eacute;es pour les &eacute;l&egrave;ves</li>
- <dt>Languages</dt>
+ <dt>Langues</dt>
- <li><strong>Hungarian</strong> and <strong>Greek</strong> have been added,
- and there are lots of other updates. As usual, the language packs within
- this release may not be fully completed yet. You can always download
- the newest language packs from <a href=""></a>.</li>
- <li>Updates and fixes to most languages</li>
- <li>Languages now have a parent language (for displaying missing strings)</li>
- <li>Some fixes for locales and time display in several languages</li>
- <li>es_mx is being phased out in favour of &quot;es&quot; (International
- Spanish) </li>
+ <li>Le <strong>hongrois</strong> et le <strong>grec</strong> ont &eacute;t&eacute;
+ ajout&eacute;s, et il y a un grand nombre d'autres mises &agrave; jour. Comme
+ d'habitude, les fichiers de langue de cette version ne sont pas tous
+ termin&eacute;s. Vous pouvez toujours t&eacute;l&eacute;charger les derniers fichiers
+ de langue sur
+ <a href=""></a>.</li>
+ <li>Mises &agrave; jour et corrections de nombreuses langues</li>
+ <li>Les langues ont maintenant une langue parent pour l'affichage
+ des cha&icirc;nes manquantes</li>
+ <li>Corrections de l'affichage des dates et des temps dans plusieurs
+ langues</li>
+ <li>es_mx a &eacute;t&eacute; remplac&eacute; par es (espagnol international)</li>
- <dt>Forum</dt>
+ <dt>Forums</dt>
@@ -216,7 +240,7 @@
- <dt>Resources</dt>
+ <dt>Ressources</dt>
@@ -253,7 +277,7 @@
-<h3> New in Moodle 1.0.9 (29th May, 2003) :</h3>
+<h3>Nouveautés de Moodle 1.0.9 (29 mai 2003)&nbsp;:</h3>
<dt> General</dt>
@@ -272,7 +296,7 @@
<li>Started migration of HTML code towards XHTML Transitional</li>
<li>Countless other little fixes all over the place</li>
- <dt> Languages</dt>
+ <dt>Langues</dt>
<li><b>10</b> new language packs! Argentinian Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Slovakian, Romanian, Danish, Russian, Polish, Chinese Traditional and French Canadian.</li>
<li>Fixes and upgrades to almost all language packs</li>
@@ -282,13 +306,13 @@
<li>ALL dates/times can now be reformatted as part of the language pack</li>
<li>A small but annoying bug was fixed with the web-based language editor on Windows servers that caused language files to grow</li>
- <dt> Developers</dt>
+ <dt>Développeurs</dt>
<li>Global debug variable gives more feedback about uninitialised variables and the like</li>
<li>Various fixes to tidy up and further standardise some of the PHP code</li>
<li>Various fixes for robustness (ensuring variables are always initialised)</li>
- <dt> Admin</dt>
+ <dt>Administration</dt>
<li><font color=red>Some changed options and code in config-dist.php (if upgrading, compare with your current config.php or rebuild your config.php from scratch)</font></li>
<li><font color=red>Many changes to themes - authors of custom themes should read <a href="">theme/UPGRADE.txt</a> </font></li>
@@ -300,13 +324,13 @@
<li>Better checking of PHP environment during installation, with warnings</li>
<li>Cleaner installation procedure.</li>
- <dt> User management</dt>
+ <dt>Gestion des utilisateurs</dt>
<li>New role: Course creator - just like teacher but can also create new courses</li>
<li>New authentication plug-in named "manual", prevents users from creating their own accounts</li>
<li>"Forgot Password" routine now uses an email confirmation before resetting password</li>
- <dt> Courses</dt>
+ <dt>Cours</dt>
<li>Activities on the course page now have a little button to hide/show that activity to students</li>
<li>Whole topics/weeks can also now be hidden or shown</li>
@@ -315,12 +339,12 @@
the dependence on external programs to do this. This also means that
zip/unzip now works on Windows.</li>
- <dt> Assignments</dt>
+ <dt>Devoirs</dt>
<li>Assignment submissions can be sorted</li>
<li>Assignment notification mail isn't sent to unenrolled students</li>
- <dt> Forums</dt>
+ <dt>Forums</dt>
<li>Display of forum discussions list is greatly improved</li>
<li>Whole discussions can be moved to any other forum with a single click</li>
@@ -331,14 +355,14 @@
<li>Better handling of mailouts to prevent the possibility of double copies
that sometimes happened with very large classes</li>
- <dt> Workshop Assignment module (not included: available soon as a separate download)</dt>
+ <dt>Module atelier (not included: available soon as a separate download)</dt>
<li>A very interesting new module contributed by Ray Kingdon,</li>
<li>A flexible tool that implements a variety of peer-grading and
example-setting schemes that involve a whole group in examining
and grading pieces of work.</li>
- <dt> Quizzes</dt>
+ <dt>Tests</dt>
<li>New question type, Random Question (selects from all questions in the same category)</li>
<li>New question type, Matching Question (student must match answers to questions)</li>
@@ -353,13 +377,13 @@
<li>Editing a question after it's already been used in a quiz no longer affects quiz results</li>
<li>Multiple choice answers are labelled a,b,c not 1,2,3</li>
- <dt> Resources</dt>
+ <dt>Ressources</dt>
<li>Better performance when editing large text or HTML resources</li>
<li>Plain images are now display centered within a proper web page (not raw).</li>
<li>Wiki format added as a new option for Resource pages</li>
- <dt> Custom Themes</dt>
+ <dt>Thèmes personnalisés</dt>
<li>A number of new styles have been added to all built-in themes. Some of these are ESSENTIAL
to viewing some of the new features. PLEASE SEE

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