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abgreeve committed Mar 20, 2019
2 parents bccd34f + 51feaea commit 5c120244351fda6761978bfa32e420ea852d9b31
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@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ Feature: Viewing acceptances reports and accepting on behalf of other users
And I press "Next"
And I set the field "I agree to the This site policy" to "1"
And I press "Next"
And I should not see "Next"
And I should see "Course overview"
And I navigate to "Users > Privacy and policies > Manage policies" in site administration
And I click on "1 of 4 (25%)" "link" in the "This site policy" "table_row"
And I click on "Consent not given" "link" in the "User One" "table_row"

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