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Fixing the behavior of (de)select all javascript links, closing bug 2…


Also, some very slight HTML improvements on the way there.
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defacer committed Mar 18, 2005
1 parent df349d1 commit 5d38e78fdf8dc7040118f92d7319c513771e0f67
Showing with 6 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +6 −7 mod/quiz/locallib.php
@@ -1415,10 +1415,9 @@ function quiz_print_cat_question_list($course, $categoryid, $quizselected=true,
$canedit = isteacheredit($category->course);
echo "<form method=\"post\" action=\"edit.php\">";
echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"sesskey\" value=\"$USER->sesskey\">";
echo "<table border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"5\" cellspacing=\"2\" width=\"100%\">";
echo "<tr>";
echo '<form method="post" action="edit.php">';
echo '<input type="hidden" name="sesskey" value="'.$USER->sesskey.'">';
echo '<table id="categoryquestions" cellspacing="0"><tr>';
if ($canedit) {
echo "<th width=\"95\" nowrap=\"nowrap\">$straction</th>";
@@ -1461,9 +1460,9 @@ function quiz_print_cat_question_list($course, $categoryid, $quizselected=true,
echo "</tr>\n";
echo "</table>\n";
echo '<a href="javascript:checkall();">'.$strselectall.'</a> /'.
' <a href="javascript:checknone();">'.$strselectnone.'</a>';
echo '<a href="javascript:select_all_in(\'TABLE\', null, \'categoryquestions\');">'.$strselectall.'</a> /'.
' <a href="javascript:deselect_all_in(\'TABLE\', null, \'categoryquestions\');">'.$strselectnone.'</a>';
echo "&nbsp;<input type=\"submit\" name=\"deleteselected\" value=\"$strdeleteselected\" />\n";
echo "<br />";

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