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<h1>Latest Release notes</h1>
-<h2>Moodle 1.5 (5th June, 2005) </h2>
+<h2>Moodle 1.5.1 (8th July, 2005) </h2>
+<h3>Various fixes</h3>
+ <ul type="circle">
+ <li>Several potential security problems solved</li>
+ <li>Allowobjectembed setting now works correctly</li>
+ <li>Speed problem on IE, caused by tab hover fixed.</li>
+ <li>Cut and paste in editor on Firefox has a more helpful warning message</li>
+ <li>Fixed a session problem when logged on as admin during upgrade from very old Moodle version</li>
+ <li>Fixed editing problem in Main menu of site</li>
+ <li>Minor CSS display problems in a few areas were fixed</li>
+ <li>Fixed the adding of a single discussion forum</li>
+ <li>Fixed Lesson problems with calculating grades, and dates </li>
+ <li>Fixed Lesson problems with entering a cluster after a page</li>
+ <li>Censor filter was fixed to make it work better with old themes</li>
+ </ul>
+<h3>Some new things</h3>
+ <ul type="circle">
+ <li>New theme: Wood</li>
+ <li>Metal theme updated for 1.5</li>
+ <li>Many language updates for most languages, including a new language: Khmer</li>
+ <li>Block classes can now run custom code when an instance is created/deleted (this is useful for
+ blocks that need to set up non-trivial data structures)</li>
+ <li>Wizard for Calculated Questions in Quiz was rewritten</li>
+ <li>Backup/Restore module selection is now improved and much easier</li>
+ <li>Backup/Restore module has much improved relinking support, it's now faster and easier to implement in new modules</li>
+ </ul>
+<h2>Moodle 1.5 (5th June, 2005) </h2>
<h3>Headline features</h3>
<ul type="circle">

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