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MDL-31557 install: removing PREVIOUS and NEXT attributes from install…

….xml for newly introduced index
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1 parent e158008 commit 5fb496743f1c24369356eafec390ba9147202ede @markn86 markn86 committed Feb 26, 2013
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4 lib/db/install.xml
@@ -1983,8 +1983,8 @@
<KEY NAME="loggeduser" TYPE="foreign" FIELDS="loggeduser" REFTABLE="user" REFFIELDS="id"/>
- <INDEX NAME="action" UNIQUE="false" FIELDS="action" COMMENT="insert/update/delete" NEXT="timemodified"/>
- <INDEX NAME="timemodified" UNIQUE="false" FIELDS="timemodified" PREVIOUS="action"/>
+ <INDEX NAME="action" UNIQUE="false" FIELDS="action" COMMENT="insert/update/delete"/>
+ <INDEX NAME="timemodified" UNIQUE="false" FIELDS="timemodified"/>
<TABLE NAME="grade_import_newitem" COMMENT="temporary table for storing new grade_item names from grade import">

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