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MDL-29226 - fix right margin fitem in all Forms (when in RTL mode)(ch…

…erry picked from commit 7a82ba6)
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commit 61f85d9ecddd39f4e531189c7d5406513253db6e 1 parent 85cba68
@nadavkav nadavkav authored
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 theme/base/style/core.css
5 theme/base/style/core.css
@@ -743,7 +743,8 @@ body.tag .managelink {padding: 5px;}
.dir-rtl .mod-indent-15,
.dir-rtl .mod-indent-huge {margin-right:300px;margin-left:0;}
-.dir-rtl .felement.feditor select {margin-right:18.75%;}
+.dir-rtl .felement.feditor select {margin-right:18.75%;margin-left:auto;}
+.dir-rtl .mform .fitem .felement {margin-right: 16%;margin-left:auto;}
/* Resourcelib mp3 player size: only width could be changed here, height hardcoded in JS */
.resourcecontent .resourcemediaplugin_mp3 object {height:25px; width: 600px}
@@ -876,4 +877,4 @@ ol li,
#page-admin-setting-enrolsettingsflatfile.dir-rtl .informationbox {direction: ltr;text-align: left;}
-#page-admin-grade-edit-scale-edit.dir-rtl .error input#id_name {margin-right: 170px;}
+#page-admin-grade-edit-scale-edit.dir-rtl .error input#id_name {margin-right: 170px;}
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