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these days will have all of these):
<LI>JPEG and/or PNG image editing support via the <A HREF="">GD library</A></li>
- <LI>Sessions support
- <LI>File uploading allowed
+ <LI>Sessions support</LI>
+ <LI>File uploading allowed</LI>
<li>a working database server (<A HREF="">MySQL</A> or <A HREF="">PostgreSQL</A>. (MSSQL, Oracle, Interbase, Foxpro, Access, ADO, Sybase, DB2 or ODBC are also theoretically supported but will require you to manually set up the database tables).</li>
- </ul>
+ </ol>
<p>On a Windows platform, the quickest way to satisfy these requirements is
to download <A HREF="">FoxServ</A>,
or <A HREF="">EasyPHP</A> which will install Apache,

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