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<p>Librer&iacute;a para la abstracci&oacute;n de bases de datos MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL,
Oracle, Interbase, Foxpro, Access, ADO, Sybase, DB2 y ODBC.</p>
- <p>Versi&oacute;n: 4.20<br>
+ <p>Versi&oacute;n: 4.50<br>
Copyright &copy; 2000-2004 John Lim (<br>
Licencia: Doble LGPL y BSD<br>
- URL: &nbsp;<a href="" target="newpage"></a><br>
+ URL: &nbsp;<a href="" target="newpage"></a><br>
<p><b>Graph Class</b> &nbsp; - &nbsp;lib/graphlib.php </p>

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