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MDL-25736 TinyMce Spellchecker French issues

GoogleSpell checker already returns data un UTF8, so there's no need
to use utf8_encode (in fact, using it completely mangles the string).

All credit goes to David Quintal for finding the issue and proposing
the fix.
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1 parent ff63a3a commit 6cd89c8fd296e9076457378c84dbb079010251f3 @iarenaza iarenaza committed Sep 4, 2011
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ function &getSuggestions($lang, $word) {
$matches = $this->_getMatches($lang, $word);
if (count($matches) > 0)
- $sug = explode("\t", utf8_encode($this->_unhtmlentities($matches[0][4])));
+ $sug = explode("\t", $this->_unhtmlentities($matches[0][4]));
// Remove empty
foreach ($sug as $item) {

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