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+<h1>Number of attempts</h1>
+<p>This define the number of attempts permitted to users.<br />It works only with SCORM1.2 and AICC packages. SCORM2004 has its own max attempts definition</p>
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+<h1>Student skip content structure page</h1>
+<p>If you add a package with only one Learning Object in it, you can choose to auto-skip the content structure page when users click on SCORM activity in the course page.</p>
+<p>You can choose:
+ <ul>
+ <li><strong>Never</strong> skip the content structure page</li>
+ <li><strong>First access</strong> skip the content structure page only the first time</li>
+ <li><strong>Always</strong> skip the content structure page</li>
+ </ul>
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+<h1>Attempts Grading</h1>
+<p>When you permit multiple attempts to users, you can choose how to use the result of attempts in gradebook.</p>

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