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3 new strings for scheduled backups.

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1 parent e62064a commit 6d5f3867e91ed6b80746c60ade1caedc85664bba stronk7 committed Sep 24, 2004
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@@ -99,6 +99,7 @@
$string['backupcoursefileshelp'] = 'If enabled then course files will be included in automated backups';
$string['backupdate'] = 'Backup Date';
$string['backupdetails'] = 'Backup Details';
+$string['backupfailed'] = 'Some of your courses weren\'t saved!!';
$string['backupfilename'] = 'backup';
$string['backupfinished'] = 'Backup completed successfully';
$string['backupincludemoduleshelp'] = 'Choose whether you want to include course modules, with or without user data, in automated backups';
@@ -110,6 +111,8 @@
$string['backupnoneusersinfo'] = 'Notice: You have selected to backup \"none\" users, so all the modules backup have been switched to \"without user data\" mode. Please note that the \"exercise\" and \"workshop\" modules aren\'t compatible with this type of backup, so they have been deactivated completely.';
$string['backuporiginalname'] = 'Backup Name';
$string['backupsavetohelp'] = 'Full path to the directory where you want to save the backup files<br>(leave blank to save in its course default dir)';
+$string['backuptakealook'] = 'Please take a look to your backup logs in:
+ $a';
$string['backupuserfileshelp'] = 'Choose whether user files (eg profile images) should be included in automated backups';
$string['backupusershelp'] = 'Select whether you want to include all the users in the server or only the needed users for each course';
$string['backupversion'] = 'Backup Version';
@@ -978,6 +981,7 @@
$string['unenrolallstudentssure'] = 'Are you sure you want to completely unenrol all students from this course?';
$string['unenrolme'] = 'Unenrol me from $a';
$string['unenrolsure'] = 'Are you sure you want to unenrol $a from this course?';
+$string['unfinished'] = 'Unfinished';
$string['unknowncategory'] = 'Unknown category';
$string['unlimited'] = 'Unlimited';
$string['unpacking'] = 'Unpacking $a';

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