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Merging in changes from Doug Dixon and Mike Lee to update the codebase

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1 parent 6727c17 commit 6fc73d59b84066d3694c2f86d2d289581b2bc5f8 jgraham909 committed Sep 27, 2006
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-Athabasca University (AU) assignment type
+Athabasca University (upload) assignment type
@@ -15,24 +15,32 @@ This module has been successfully tested for Moodle versions:
Information about this type can be found here
Zipped code can be found here
and on Moodle CVS
Additional thanks to the guys who developed "Upload&Review" and "Upload files" assignment types. Their code I was using as a base code for my assignment type.
- -- Oksana Yasynska
+After downloading and unpacking the archive /*, or checking out the files via CVS,*/ you will be left with a directory called "upload", containing a number of files.
+Place the whole folder in the directory your_moodle_folder/mod/assignment
-This code was integrated into Moodle core distribution on 13th July, 2006.
+Copy content of assignment.php file into
-All I've done is a search/replace to change the name from "AU" to "upload".
+- your_moodle_folder/lang/en/assignment.php for version 1.5.3 or 1.5.4
-It probably still needs work ;-)
+- your_moodle_folder/lang/en-UTF8/assignment.php for version 1.6
-Thanks, Oksana!
- -- Martin Dougiamas
+The temporary name of this type is "upload assignment type". It will be changed in the future to something more appropriate.
+If you would like to change the name you may do it by changing the value of
+$string['typeupload'] = 'upload assignment type';
+at your_moodle_folder/lang/en/assignment.php
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