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added a few new string definitions for the event calendar entries

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commit 7227cef5f656f5055c88a674425b8cd0321e8f1f 1 parent 97c4410
michaelpenne authored
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  1. +2 −0  lang/en/lesson.php
2  lang/en/lesson.php
@@ -105,10 +105,12 @@
$string['leftduringtimednoretake'] = 'You have left during a timed lesson and you are<br />not allowed to retake or continue the lesson.';
$string['lesson'] = '$a lesson';
$string['lessonclosed'] = 'This lesson closed on $a.';
+$string['lessoncloses'] = 'Lesson closes';
$string['lessondefault'] = 'Use this lesson\'s settings as defaults';
$string['lessonformating'] = 'Lesson formating';
$string['lessonmenu'] = 'Lesson menu';
$string['lessonopen'] = 'This lesson will be open on $a.';
+$string['lessonopens'] = 'Lesson opens';
$string['lessonstats'] = 'Lesson statistics';
$string['loginfail'] = 'Login failed, please try again...';
$string['lowscore'] = 'Low score';

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