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MDL-39021 pluginlib: theme_simple is a core plugin

Don't list as an add-on.
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danpoltawski committed Apr 17, 2013
1 parent c6101ef commit 73f5a0d8643dca169fc32077cbfe6f7b785c0e88
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@@ -812,7 +812,7 @@ public static function standard_plugins_list($type) {
'afterburner', 'anomaly', 'arialist', 'base', 'binarius', 'bootstrap',
'boxxie', 'brick', 'canvas', 'formal_white', 'formfactor',
'fusion', 'leatherbound', 'magazine', 'mymobile', 'nimble',
'nonzero', 'overlay', 'serenity', 'sky_high', 'splash',
'nonzero', 'overlay', 'serenity', 'simple', 'sky_high', 'splash',
'standard', 'standardold'

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