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-I highly recommend you read the detailed help on
-installation, upgrading and use of Moodle, stored
-in the doc subdirectory of this installation, or
-read at:
+If you are installing the first time, then you
+should read the installation guide which is
+stored in the doc subdirectory:
+ doc/install.html
+You can also access the latest version (as well
+complete information about upgrading and using
+Moodle on the web site:
+Once Moodle is installed on your machine, then
+you can also access a local copy of all this
+documentation (localised to your language) at:
For the impatient, here is a basic outline of the
installation process, which normally takes me only
@@ -21,7 +32,7 @@ a few minutes:
3) Create a single database for Moodle to store all
- it's tables in.
+ it's tables in (or choose an existing database).
4) Copy the file config-dist.php to config.php, and
edit it with all your own settings.

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