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<p class="questionlink"><a href="#loginsetting">I login but the login link doesn't change. I am logged in and can navigate freely.</a></p>
+<p class="questionlink"><a href="#resource1">When trying to add a resource I receive error messages.</a></p>
<p class="questionlink">&nbsp;</p>
<h3 class="question"><a name="filenotfound"></a>Whenever I try to access or view
@@ -379,6 +381,10 @@ <h4 class="question"><a name="loginsetting"></a>I login but don't appear to be.
<p class="answer">Make sure the URL in your $CFG->wwwroot setting is exactly the same as the one you are actually using to access the site.</p>
+<h4 class="question"><a name="resource1"></a>When trying to add a resource I receive error messages.</h4>
+<p class="answer">Assuming you are using Apache, then it's quite likely that your setting in config.php for $CFG->wwwroot is different from the actual URL you are using to access the site. Also try turning off "secureforms" in the admin settings.</p>

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