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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Course Categories</B></P>
<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>课程分类</B></P>
<P>Your Moodle administrator may have set up several
course categories.
<P>For example, "Science", "Humanities", "Public Health" etc
<P>Choose the one most applicable for your course. This
choice will affect where your course is displayed on the
course listing and may make it easier for students to
find your course.
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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Moodle course formats</B></P>
<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Moodle课程显示格式</B></P>
<P><B>Weekly format</B></P>
The course is organised week by week, with a clear start date and a finish date.
Each week consists of activities. Some of them, like journals, may have
"open windows" of, say, two weeks after which they become unavailable.
<P><B>Topics format</B></P>
Very similar to the weekly format, except that each "week" is called a topic.
A "topic" is not restricted to any time limit. You don't need to specify any
<P><B>Social format</B></P>
This format is oriented around one main forum, the Social forum, which appears
listed on the main page. It is useful for situations that are more freeform.
They may not even be courses. For example, it could be used as a departmental
notice board.
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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Course Full name</B></P>
<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>课程全称</B></P>
<P>The full name of the course is displayed at the top of the screen and in the course listings.</P>
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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Course News Items</B></P>
<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>课程新闻条目</B></P>
<P>A special forum called "News" appears in the
"weekly" and "topics" course formats. It's
a good place to post notices for all students
to see. (By default, all students are subscribed
to this forum, and will receive your notices by
<P>This setting determines how many recent items
appear on your course home page, in a news box
down the right-hand side.
<P>If you set it to "0 news items" then the news
box won't even appear.
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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Course Number of Weeks/Topics</B></P>
<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>课程的星期/主题数目</B></P>
<P>This setting is only used by the 'weekly' and 'topics'
course formats.
<P>In the 'weekly' format, it specifies the number of weeks
that the course will run for, starting from the
course starting date.
<P>In the 'topics' format, it specifies the number of topics
in the course.
<P>Both of these translate to the number of "boxes" down the
middle of the course page.

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