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MDL-38101 Completion: Error when teacher/admin marks activity complete

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1 parent cce0d9a commit 7ae7c3cf9af1ca83023f395768a3f9748de233ec @sammarshallou sammarshallou committed Feb 19, 2013
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  1. +6 −3 course/togglecompletion.php
9 course/togglecompletion.php
@@ -138,14 +138,17 @@
-// Now change state
+// Set up completion object and check it is enabled.
$completion = new completion_info($course);
if (!$completion->is_enabled()) {
throw new moodle_exception('completionnotenabled', 'completion');
-} elseif (!$completion->is_tracked_user($USER->id)) {
- throw new moodle_exception('nottracked', 'completion');
+// NOTE: All users are allowed to toggle their completion state, including
+// users for whom completion information is not directly tracked. (I.e. even
+// if you are a teacher, or admin who is not enrolled, you can still toggle
+// your own completion state. You just don't appear on the reports.)
// Check completion state is manual
if($cm->completion != COMPLETION_TRACKING_MANUAL) {
error_or_ajax('cannotmanualctrack', $fromajax);

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