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@@ -214,13 +214,5 @@ <h3>OPTIONS</h3>
<p><u>Other Options:</u><br />
Short Answer questions can be made case sensitive by changing &quot;0&quot; to &quot;1&quot; in the following line:<br />
<tt>$question-&gt;usecase = 0; // Ignore case</tt></p>
- <p>Other options are available through editing the import filter <b>gift/format.php</b>. </p>
- <p>This filter was written through the collaboration of numerous members of the Moodle community.
- It was originally based on the missingword format, which included code from Martin Dougiamas and Thomas Robb.
- Paul Tsuchido Shew wrote this filter in December 2003 incorporating community suggestions for a more robust question format.
- The name was conceived as an acronym for &quot;General Import Format Technology&quot; or something like that,
- but it's too long for a simple filter like this, so it just GIFT.</p>
- <p><font size="-1">GIFT filter and documentation by Paul Tsuchido Shew Last updated 27 Feb 2004.</font></p>

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