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Turned on link to teacher.php

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1 parent dbb24f6 commit 7ea4679b24a550a4d639b6a7b458429eeb59449f martin committed Nov 29, 2001
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@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@
echo "<LI><B><A HREF=\"site.php\">Site settings</A></B>";
echo "<LI><B><A HREF=\"../course/edit.php\">Create a new course</A></B>";
echo "<LI><B><A HREF=\"user.php\">Edit a user's account</A></B>";
- echo "<LI><B>Assign teachers to courses</B>";
+ echo "<LI><B><A HREF=\"teacher.php\">Assign teachers to courses</A></B>";
echo "<LI><B>Delete a course</B>";
echo "<LI><B>View Logs</B>";
echo "</UL>";

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