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MDL-43765 reports: Fixed addtional name warning

Fix the alternate name warning which is generated when course participation report
is viewed
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commit 81efab0cbba75fd251904fc4d8de0f2a62ffc397 1 parent 9c1c9d8
@rajeshtaneja rajeshtaneja authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 report/participation/index.php
4 report/participation/index.php
@@ -251,8 +251,8 @@
$groupsql = "JOIN {groups_members} gm ON (gm.userid = AND gm.groupid = :groupid)";
$params['groupid'] = $currentgroup;
- $sql = "SELECT ra.userid, u.firstname, u.lastname, u.idnumber, l.actioncount AS count
+ $usernamefields = get_all_user_name_fields(true, 'u');
+ $sql = "SELECT ra.userid, $usernamefields, u.idnumber, l.actioncount AS count
FROM (SELECT * FROM {role_assignments} WHERE contextid $relatedctxsql AND roleid = :roleid ) ra
JOIN {user} u ON = ra.userid
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