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commit 838f1bcdf4485e24ec4aefa6f7db34405865f6f6 1 parent dba2410
Mary Evans authored
Showing with 25 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +25 −10 theme/base/style/core.css
35 theme/base/style/core.css
@@ -762,15 +762,30 @@ sup {vertical-align: super;}
/** Fix TinyMCE editor right to left **/
.dir-rtl .clearlooks2.ie9 .mceAlert .mceMiddle span,.dir-rtl .clearlooks2 .mceConfirm .mceMiddle span {top: 44px;}
-.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin table,
-.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin tbody,
-.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin a,
-.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin img,
-.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin tr,
-.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin div,
-.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin td,
-.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin iframe,
-.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin span,
-.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin *,
+.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin table,
+.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin tbody,
+.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin a,
+.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin img,
+.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin tr,
+.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin div,
+.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin td,
+.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin iframe,
+.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin span,
+.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin *,
.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin .mceText,
.dir-rtl .o2k7Skin .mceListBox .mceText {text-align:right;}
+Fix for ordered and unordered list in course topic summary & course weekly summary
+ul li,
+.course-content ul.weeks .content .summary ul li,
+.course-content ul.topics .content .summary ul li {
+ list-style: disc outside none
+ol li,
+.course-content ul.weeks .content .summary ol li,
+.course-content ul.topics .content .summary ol li {
+ list-style: decimal outside none
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