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MDL-33466: Group restriction should hide activity even with 'show ava…

…ilability' option

This is a modified version of fix by Luke Tucker at NetSpot - thanks.
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commit 8530aac4a8e249a12eb033ec5285077ac8f5254e 1 parent 3bcca35
@sammarshallou sammarshallou authored samhemelryk committed
Showing with 8 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +8 −2 lib/modinfolib.php
10 lib/modinfolib.php
@@ -1086,18 +1086,24 @@ private function update_user_visible() {
$modcontext = get_context_instance(CONTEXT_MODULE, $this->id);
$userid = $this->modinfo->get_user_id();
$this->uservisible = true;
+ // Check visibility/availability conditions.
if ((!$this->visible or !$this->available) and
!has_capability('moodle/course:viewhiddenactivities', $modcontext, $userid)) {
// If the activity is hidden or unavailable, and you don't have viewhiddenactivities,
- // set it so that user can't see or access it
+ // set it so that user can't see or access it.
$this->uservisible = false;
- } else if (!empty($CFG->enablegroupmembersonly) and !empty($this->groupmembersonly)
+ }
+ // Check group membership. The grouping option makes the activity
+ // completely invisible as it does not apply to the user at all.
+ if (!empty($CFG->enablegroupmembersonly) and !empty($this->groupmembersonly)
and !has_capability('moodle/site:accessallgroups', $modcontext, $userid)) {
// If the activity has 'group members only' and you don't have accessallgroups...
$groups = $this->modinfo->get_groups($this->groupingid);
if (empty($groups)) {
// ...and you don't belong to a group, then set it so you can't see/access it
$this->uservisible = false;
+ // Ensure activity is completely hidden from user.
+ $this->showavailability = 0;
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