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quiz option - "Each attempt builds on the last"

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1 parent 38a1093 commit 85c06eab07ac73b4d0a2daf90235e8bfc8aaea47 kaipe committed
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1 lang/en/quiz.php
@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@
$string['defaultinfo'] = "The default category for questions.";
$string['deletequestioncheck'] = "Are you absolutely sure you want to delete '\$a'?";
$string['description'] = "Description";
+$string['eachattemptbuildsonthelast'] = "Each attempt builds on the last";
$string['editcategories'] = "Edit categories";
$string['editingdescription'] = "Editing a Description";
$string['editingmultianswer'] = "Editing Embedded Answers (Cloze)";

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