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+<p align="center"><b>Add Comment to Bank</b></p>
+<p>Frequently used comments can be added to the Assessment form so that there
+ is no need to re-type them each time they are required. These
+ &quot;stock&quot; comments appear below the Feedback/Comment box. Clicking
+ on the comment adds that text to the Feedback box. The steps to add a
+ comment to the Assessment form are:</p>
+ <li>Type the comment in the Feedback/Comment Box;
+ <li>Click on the &quot;Add Comment to Bank&quot; button.
+<p>The Assessment form is redisplayed. The new comment is left in the
+ Feedback/Comment box and it also appears (as a link) below the
+ Feedback/Comment box. In future assessments the comment can be added by
+ simply clicking on the comment text. It is then added to the
+ Feedback/Comment box.</p>
+<p>The stock comments are always added to the end of any existing text in the
+ Feedback/Comment box and separated from that text by a space.</p>
25 lang/en/help/workshop/usepassword.html
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-<p align="center"><b>Use Password</b></p>
+<p align="center"><b>Release Teacher Grades</b></p>
-<p>Normally a workshop is open, that is if a workshop is visible, students can
- see the contents of the workshop. The availability of an
- workshop within the course is normally best controlled through the
- Visible/Hide activity feature.</p>
- <p>The Use Password option is used to associate an
- &quot;access&quot; password with the workshop. There may be
- occasions when it is necessary to password protect a workshop. For
- example, a workshop may be used with several groups of students in a
- course and each group is set the workshop at different times. The access
- password is used to prevent the &quot;second&quot; group of students, say,
- from doing the workshop once the workshop has been opened up for the
- &quot;first&quot; group.</p>
+<p>This date can be used to withhold the assessments (and grades) made by the
+ teacher until the given date. By default the date is set to the workshop's
+ creation date and time. If the date is not changed then the teacher's
+ assessments are available to the students a short time after they are done
+ (the short time is typically half an hour, the &quot;maxeditingtime&quot;).
+ Setting this option allows the teacher to withhold their own assessments
+ until later in the assignment. For example if the teacher wishes to
+ withhold their own assessments until the deadline date, then the Release
+ date is set to the same date as the deadline.

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