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MDL-35056 - Backup - Removing Dependencies Unmet string from lang files

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1 parent 9da506c commit 864b7c01308a080553f52bcf935d66213b2d062c @jsnfwlr jsnfwlr committed with Sam Hemelryk Dec 13, 2012
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@@ -105,7 +105,6 @@
$string['currentstage4'] = 'Confirmation and review';
$string['currentstage8'] = 'Perform backup';
$string['currentstage16'] = 'Complete';
-$string['dependenciesenforced'] = 'Your settings have been altered due to unmet dependencies';
$string['enterasearch'] = 'Enter a search';
$string['error_block_for_module_not_found'] = 'Orphan block instance (id: {$a->bid}) for course module (id: {$a->mid}) found. This block will not be backed up';
$string['error_course_module_not_found'] = 'Orphan course module (id: {$a}) found. This module will not be backed up.';

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