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MDL-29031 remove blocks cleanup todo

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1 parent 84c656a commit 89f542887952edbee995fb4a221f3a8b0a7b5581 @skodak skodak committed
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  1. +0 −3 lib/db/upgrade.php
3 lib/db/upgrade.php
@@ -6134,8 +6134,5 @@ function xmldb_main_upgrade($oldversion) {
return true;
-//TODO: Cleanup before the 2.0 release - we do not want to drag along these dev machine fixes forever
-// 1/ drop block_pinned_old table here and in install.xml
-// 2/ drop block_instance_old table here and in install.xml
//TODO: AFTER 2.0 remove the column user->emailstop and the user preference "message_showmessagewindow"

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