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<H2>Release notes</H2>
+<P> New in Moodle </P>
+<DT> Authentication
+<DD> Moodle now features seven different authentication mechanisms!
+ New methods just added include IMAP, POP3 and NNTP servers (including
+ those using SSL or certificate-based authentication), and also
+ authentication against user-specified fields in ANY
+ external database table. In addition, (thanks to contributor Petri
+ Asikainen), Moodle now sports a cool new GUI for configuring
+ all of this, so it should be pretty easy to hook Moodle up to
+ nearly any external list of users.
+<DT> Languages
+<DD> Complete new Norwegian translation (see credits for details),
+ and updates for several others.
+<DT> Bug fixes
+<DD> <UL>
+ <LI> Day value in dates (eg forum posts, weekly listing) are
+ now displayed correctly on Windows servers.
+ <LI> config-dist.php is now DOS format to make it easier for Windows users.
+ <LI> Added a workaround (and new config switch in config-dist.php) for
+ some systems which have buggy referer variables. This should help
+ those people getting "stuck" on a form during setup.
+ <LI> Logout now sends you to the home page.
+ <LI> Timezones now range between -13 to 13 hours (for daylight saving).
+ <LI> Character set in email now matches current language
+ </UL>
<P> New in Moodle </P>

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