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1 parent 50c5119 commit 8c009049f488923552f792339b4470b54c797f06 moodler committed Dec 13, 2002
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@@ -40,7 +40,6 @@
$string['forumtype'] = "Forum type";
$string['generalforum'] = "Standard forum for general use";
$string['generalforums'] = "General forums";
-$string['helpreading'] = "Read carefully";
$string['generalforums'] = "General forums";
$string['inforum'] = "in \$a";
$string['intronews'] = "General news and announcements";
@@ -75,21 +74,6 @@
$string['postincontext'] = "See this post in context";
$string['postmailinfo'] = "This is a copy of a message posted on the \$a website.
To add your reply via the website, click on this link:";
-$string['postingtip'] = "<b>Posting tips:</b><br \>
-When replying:
-<li>read their post carefully and empathically
-<li>look for things you can comment on
-While writing:
-<li>keep your posts short and on-topic
-<li>explain your own ideas clearly
-<li>think of questions you can ask
$string['postrating1'] = "Shows mostly SEPARATE knowing";
$string['postrating2'] = "Equally separate and connected";
$string['postrating3'] = "Shows mostly CONNECTED knowing";

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