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MDL-40091 book: revision must be incremented after editing a chapter

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1 parent f192883 commit 8e484df3a6e4f0ea0dc82f2b497dc6d4a900bffc @satrun77 satrun77 committed Jun 11, 2013
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@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@
// store the files
$data = file_postupdate_standard_editor($data, 'content', $options, $context, 'mod_book', 'chapter', $data->id);
$DB->update_record('book_chapters', $data);
+ $DB->set_field('book', 'revision', $book->revision+1, array('id'=>$book->id));
add_to_log($course->id, 'course', 'update mod', '../mod/book/view.php?id='.$cm->id, 'book '.$book->id);
add_to_log($course->id, 'book', 'update chapter', 'view.php?id='.$cm->id.'&chapterid='.$data->id, $data->id, $cm->id);

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