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2 parents 01c7382 + ca3cfd8 commit 91470a354e67db6ec63ac244f615b273aa72db4a @nebgor nebgor committed Feb 28, 2012
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2 lang/en/auth.php
@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@
$string['stdchangepassword'] = 'Use standard page for changing password';
$string['stdchangepassword_expl'] = 'If the external authentication system allows password changes through Moodle, switch this to Yes. This setting overrides \'Change Password URL\'.';
$string['stdchangepassword_explldap'] = 'NOTE: It is recommended that you use LDAP over an SSL encrypted tunnel (ldaps://) if the LDAP server is remote.';
-$string['suspended'] = 'Suspended acount';
+$string['suspended'] = 'Suspended account';
$string['suspended_help'] = 'Suspended user accounts cannot log in or use web services, and any outgoing messages are discarded.';
$string['unlocked'] = 'Unlocked';
$string['unlockedifempty'] = 'Unlocked if empty';

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