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+ New consts for authorize_action() function:

  * AN_RETURNZERO: No connection was made on
  * AN_APPROVED: The transaction was accepted.
  * AN_DECLINED: The transaction was declined.
  * AN_REVIEW: The transaction was held for review.

+ Fix: Speacial handling for echecks: REVIEW; 'Under Review', 'Approved Review', 'Review Failed'
+ New feature: Upload a CSV file for echecks (capability: enrol/authorize:uploadcsv level: user)
+ New feature: Search payments by orderid and transid
+ New function: send_welcome_messages()

merged from 17stable.
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commit 92fa909b5e1035bdc35f1d45f3cceec348af20c6 1 parent 7b23572
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